Is urban life taking its toll on you?

The fast-paced city living doesn’t seem to appeal to you anymore? Find your way to simpler, more fulfilling life with modern homesteading

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and each and every day, more and more people finds life in the city just isn’t the right choice for them. Noise, pollution, and horrible traffic are reason enough to make city living unbearable sometimes, but is that what makes people long for simpler times, when life was uncomplicated and filled with joy?

The lure of living in the city is that everything seems easily accessible and it looks like there’s a job opportunity for anything just around the corner, but at one point in your life, you’ll start wondering if you really have access to the thing you’d really like and if those job opportunities seem to be much less than you’ve expected them to be. That’s when you start wondering what else is out there.

Take your life into your own hands

Modern HomesteadingWhen it seems that your fate lies in the hand of the others, it’s far from a pleasant feeling. If the job interviewer decides you’re not a good fit- you won’t have any job, and no means to support yourself and your family. If you long for fresh, organic produce in your market aisle- you’ll have to pay a fortune. If you want to get away from concrete and exhaust gasses and spend some time in nature- you’ll have to sit in your car and drive to the nearest park. The list just goes on and on. If you’re finding that these things ring true to you, it might be a sign it’s time for you to leave the city behind and find your true home.

Modern homesteading is a way to achieve true self-sustainability and live your life to the fullest, free of the stressful life in the city on your way to security and independence. Thanks to the advances in technology and science, you can have the best of both worlds- peace of mind and the satisfaction of growing your own food and living independently, all without losing modern perks and small luxuries you’re already used to.

Becoming a modern homesteader doesn’t mean you’ll have to regress completely to the pioneering time- hence the word modern. It means you’re opening yourself to a new way of life, taking advantage of all the opportunities modern life has to offer, but at the same time, nourishing all those precious aspects of a life all but forgotten, lost in the chaos of city life.

Homestead Living Has Evolved!

When people hear the term modern homesteading, their mind often races to the images of the frontiers, traditional farmers or even hippy communes- and all of these assumptions are forgetting the essence of the term homesteading, which refers to a lifestyle of self-reliance, be it growing your own food, preserving your food at home, or even making your own clothes.

The core principle of homesteading is providing for yourself, and leading a life that isn’t determined by unpredictable factors, such as the state of the economy, job scarcity or constant rise of food and gas prices. It means that you’re the one who will be responsible for putting the food on the table, but not the frozen nuggets from the supermarket- fresh vegetables you’ve grown by yourself, eggs just collected from the chicken coop or a grass-feed beef stake.

The twist that modern homesteading gives to the traditional meaning of homesteading is that it doesn’t have to be that hard. If you think you’ll be slaving away in your garden, completely placing your livelihood in the hands of nature or have to live completely cut off from the civilization, you’re in for a surprise.

Modern homesteading is an improved version of the life our ancestors led. You have all the advantages of modern life at your feet- yours is just to take them and create a perfect life for yourself. In this book, you’ll find all the tools you need to succeed in modern homesteading- and it’s easier than you ever dared to dream.

Becoming a modern homesteader

A lot of people think that, in order to be a successful owner of a modern homestead, you’ll have to be from a family of farmers. In the era of the Internet and the abundance of information it makes available to us, it’s silly to think you won’t be able to master the skills needed to be a modern homesteader.

If you don’t own the land where you plan your farm to be, don’t be discouraged. Although the golden era of free land is long behind us, it doesn’t mean that owning land has become an impossible task. A lot of cities and states have incentives for people who want to try their hand at modern homesteading, and your path to self-sustainable life might be closer than you think.

Even if you’re not in a place where starting anew somewhere far from your home is a possibility, it shouldn’t dampen your enthusiasm. Start small- transform your backyard or a lawn into an organic garden, make your own cleaning product or make your own preserves. Even taking small steps is better than tapping in place while life passes you by.

This book will help you understand the principles of homesteading and how to apply them in your own life- whether you decide to commit to homesteading fully or just appropriate some of its aspects.

Don’t think a switch to modern homesteading as uprooting– think of it as finally putting your roots down

Complete change of lifestyle might seem like the scariest thing. But, what’s even scarier is the enormous number of people living lives that don’t fulfill them, time passing with each day, full of dreams that never become reality.

You don’t have to be one of those people. Happiness and fulfillment are just one decision away.

Starting a modern homestead might seem overwhelming, and all the information you can find just seems to confuse you even more.

That’s why this book has two goals:

#1 To help you learn ins and outs of modern homesteading

#2 To give you applicable knowledge needed to succeed as a modern homesteader

This book has all the nitty-gritty details of managing a modern homestead and insider tips and tricks that will save you a lot of effort, help you avoid all beginner’s mistakes and give you the tools to start and sustain a modern homestead.

Turning your life around doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes, a change is for the better- and with homesteading, the change is what leads you to a life you’ve always dreamed of having.

Don’t settle for the city life. Be a settler.

Modern Homesteading

There’s no better time to start over than right now

If you’ve made it to this part, it means you’re thinking about becoming a modern homesteader, or that you’ve already started your journey. The challenges of modern homesteading are best overcome by making use of advice given to you by more experienced homesteaders, information passed on by generations, great-grandmothers and daughters stitching threads of wisdom in each technique and lesson.

In this book, you’ll learn tried and true ways to:

  • Get Started with Gardening
  • Preserve Food By Yourself
  • Begin Raising Chickens
  • Succeed in Beekeeping
  • Implement Principles of Preparedness
  • Switch to Wood Heating
  • Make Your Own Natural Medicines and Remedies
  • Make Efficient Natural Cleaning Products

Plant the seeds for success- get the inside information about managing a prosperous homestead!

Everything you need to get started on building your self-sustainable life right away is on the pages of this book. You know what they say- good seed makes a good crop, and the advice and knowledge that fill the pages of this book are the best way to ensure your modern homestead will flourish.

Getting your hands on well-kept secrets to success in modern homesteading is the thing you need to do right away. Every moment that passes is a moment wasted, and another moment you’re not living the dream.

With this book, you have the opportunity to thrive as a modern homesteader. Instead of banging your head up against the wall when you encounter a challenge, you’ll get the scoop on the techniques and strategies that have been successfully used by generations of homesteaders.

All you need is just a few clicks away. This book has made it easy for so many people, and you too can be at the top of your game. The opportunity to learn all there is to know about modern homesteading is available only here!

Modern Homesteading

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