Survival Kit Essentials

survival in wildreness

Whether you recently decided to go on a trip to the woods to test your survival skills or you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a national disaster, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and trepidation by having the right tools around.

Unfortunately, you will have to get mobile and you don’t have the benefits of appliances and gadgets at your disposal.

What you will carry around will have to be lightweight and durable enough to start the wear and tear of moving from one unpredictable scenario unto the next.

A survival kit contains enough tools and necessities for you to get by will you use what is in your environment for shelter and provisions.

Choose a carrying case that is waterproof and possibly shockproof to keep your tools intact and uncompromised.

A 4” x 6” pouch with an arm sling from outdoor gear shops may be the best choice, but you can use improvised carriers around depending on your circumstances for as long as it won’t break easily and water won’t find its way inside.

Your survival kit should contain the following items:

1) Compass
– Can you find the North Star or ascertain your location by looking at the clouds? If not, a compass takes away all the guesswork for you to help you find your trail back to civilization. It is small enough to fit into your smallest pocket, waterproof and highly durable.

2) Whistle
– How would you make enough noise when you need to call for help or signal your position to roving patrols? A whistle requires very little energy to use and acts a distress signal loud enough to call anybody within sight. Just remember that you should weight the risk in using a whistle as it may also attract unwanted attention from predators and thieves.

3) Matches and Lighter
– Without a fire, how can you keep warm and cook your food. Bringing matches and a lighter along helps to light your tinder nest easily and keeps you assured so long as you have firewood on hand. Be sure to know how to light a fire without these tools as your matches and lighter can get wet with rain or river water.

4) First Aid Kit
– It is safe to assume to you may get sick or injured in survival situations. Band aid, gauze, prescription drugs, antiseptic, alcohol, adrenalin shots and burn ointment are basic medical necessities that some people often forget and only decreases the chances of survival. These can also help a critically injured or sick person to survive until professional help is at hand.

5) Swiss Army Knife
– As the handiest accessory for the outdoorsman, this Knife allows you to cut through bark, wood, skin and contains other functions such as a cork opener, screwdriver, toothpick and the like. This may be the closest thing you have to comfort in a survival situation.

6) Survival Knife
– Predators abound, wood and vines are harder to move through and snakes lie in the grass.

No matter how good and soft-hearted you are, you need a weapon to feel safer in emergency situations, especially in the wilderness. A survival knife gives you a chance to live through a predatory attack and helps to blaze a trail while walking through the lush wood.

7) Water Purification Tablets
– Access to drinkable water is vital to keeping yourself hydrated and sustaining your energy. You can come across stream water or water trapped in mud as your water reserves run low and this may be your only source. Water purification tablets clear toxins and living matter from stream water quickly, ensuring you can drink your fill.

8) Small Flashlight
– If you decide to move around at night, you can only do so with a flashlight as it provides illumination and helps you detect insects, snakes and the movement of predators.

Add other items you believe you will need for the circumstances you foresee. A survival kit lessens your anxiety as you can feel safer with the tools necessary to make the most of the unique environment you may find yourself in. Just don’t forget that you will need skills before tools, so learn the ins and outs of each before you set out.

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