Important Medications You Should Have in Your Survival Kit

Survival Kit

A survival kit is essential, besides keeping your wits and gear about you in a survival situation, you need to stay healthy and able to function.

As your stress levels increase and your physical strength is sapped to the limit your ability to move around and accomplish tasks may be compromised, decreasing your chances of living through the night.

In addition to foraging for edible plants and hunting small game, you can stay alert, stable and nourished if you have the right medicine for sudden ailments and sicknesses you might contract in the wild.

Medications are an absolute necessity in your survival kit as you may become exposed to illness and injury when you’re on an outdoors trip, lost in the woods or caught within a natural disaster.
If you or any of your companions has a medical condition such as diabetes or heart complications, it is crucial to stock up on his or her prescription medicines before going on a trip.

For everyone else, here are ten medicines that are important for survival:

1) Burn Gel
You can get burned while handling firewood and cooking and find it harder to use tools, climb rock or tend to others. Burn wounds can cause severe discomfort and tingling pain which can be relieve with anti-inflammatory agents like burn gel. It also prevents the burned area from becoming infected.

2) Antihistamine
Dust particles, tree bark, vegetation and other elements that the body does not come into contact with on a daily basis can trigger allergic reactions within the skin. Insect bites and stings not only cause sharp pain but also throb and swell on the affected area. Antihistamine stops and prevents allergies from spreading throughout the body and suppresses physical triggers.

3) Loperamide

As you ingest and digest various bacteria and toxins when eating foraged food and lean meat from hunting small game, you may get fits of diarrhea and constipation. Loperamides stop dehydration and let your bowels regain water lost during survival activities.

4) Anti-itch Cream
Mosquitoes and insects almost invisible to the eye will eventually feast on your skin in the dark, causing you to itch all over. An anti-itch cream will relieve itchiness and inflammation caused by insect bites as well as keep them away.

5) Ibuprofen
As an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, ibuprofen can help you endure injuries sustained while going about survival activities. You will find it hard to move if you are aching physically and it helps to feel it less if you have more to do.

6) Antibiotic Ointment
You will inevitably get wounded while going around the woods or a survival scenario and the chances of infection will be greater in an uncontrolled environment. Applying antibiotic ointment on wounds kills bacteria and infectious organisms that can cause sickness and also speed up the process of closing the wound.

7) Quick-clot
If you’ve been attacked by a predator or suffered a long gash, you need to seal the wound immediately after cleaning. Quick-clot powder seals wounds shut and prevent blood loss then buys you enough time to get expert medical attention.

8) Rehydration Salts
As your energy gets sapped and you become dehydrated, you move slower and lose more body fluid. Rehydration salts can restore hydration in your body with potassium and other nutrients. It is all the more important to bring this along if you have children in your group.

9) Epinephrine
Some insect bites and stings contain poisons that work quickly within the human body and must be stopped immediately. When administered properly, epinephrine counteracts insect poisons and has saved the countless lives of both children and adults.

10) Laxative
Stressful situations can cause you to keep it all in your bowels as you go around too busy trying to survive. A laxative helps to expel stool quickly especially if you suspect that you may have eaten something bad to digest like infected meat.

You might not be a medical professional but your companions will be glad to have you around if you have the medicines necessary to keep them alive in emergency situations. You never know the true value of medicine until it’s all that stands between you and a life or death situation. You’re better off being the lifesaver and having the important medications listed above in your survival kit.

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