Save Money On Simple Household Repairs

leaky tap

Something in your house will inevitably need repair at some point. It doesn’t matter how expensive your fixtures are. It doesn’t matter who installed them. Things will break sooner or later.

You can always call technicians, handymen, or plumbers. You can’t count on them on Sunday at midnight, though. There are times when you will have to roll up your sleeves and do your own home repairs.

Paint jobs

If you think you need a special course to qualify yourself to repaint your walls, think again. Or maybe just grab the cans of paint and proceed. No, don’t start splashing paint on the walls just yet. The secret to a stress-free painting is preparation.

1. Take away fixtures or cover them in old newspaper.
2. Clean the surface with a damp sponge. In some cases, you may need to smooth them using a sandpaper. Paint doesn’t stick to dusty and grimy walls.
3. Spackle holes and cracks.
4. Apply primer after sanding and cleaning the surfaces.
5. Tape areas you don’t intend to paint on.
6. Start painting.

Clogged toilets

Leaks and clogs are common toilet problems that annoy homeowners. You will have to deal with them one way or another at some point without having to call a plumber.

1. A plunger may unclog sludge buildup. Pour water into the bowl. Make sure the head of the plunger is underwater. Shove the plunger into the bowl. The plunger can dislodge the clog with a few thrusts in many cases.
2. Try the auger. This device may be able to do the job if the plunger fails. Run the auger into the toilet until it reaches the clog. Twist the crank. Pull the clog out or dislodge it to make it easier to flush.

Door repairs

You never thought your doors needed maintenance and repair until one of them becomes creaky or has loosened hinges. Door problems can be a nuisance. Depending on where they are, they can get exposed to water, moisture, or heat, which cause them to rust or rot or expand.

Improperly installed doors can also tilt and pull the hinges. Bad door installation should be fixed right away to avoid future problems. Stress can build up on the hinges and throughout the door frame.

Squeaking hinges are a nuisance. It’s probably due to old and rusty pins that just need lubrication. Here’s what you have to do. Close the door. Insert a nail under the hinge to push the pin up. Apply oil. Close the door and see if it fixes the issue. You may have to repeat the process until you hear no squeak.

Loose hinges? They could be due to a number of things. Loose screws would cause loose hinges as well. The problem here is that the hole has become too big for the screw. The solution is to get a bigger or longer screw.

You can replace old screws on your own or with a help of someone who can hold the door stable for you while you fix the problematic hinge. Another solution is to put wood glue into the hole. Let the glue dry and poke a hole into it. Basically, you’re making a new hole. Use a hammer and a small nail.

Air leaks are another common problem. If you feel a cold draft near the door during winter months, you need to check where the slit or gap is. Loose door frames could be the culprit. Or poor sealing may be the issue. In that case, installing a weatherboard is in order.

Leaky faucets

Leaks in your faucet may not seem a significant problem, perhaps not until you realize those little drips mean thousands of gallons a month. You’re paying for water you’re not using.

The EPA says that on average each American home is wasting eleven thousand gallons of water a year. That’s enough to fill a swimming pool. You can fix leaky taps.

1. Turn off the water mains.
2. Twist the faucet handle. You may have to find the screw, which in some faucets are well hidden for aesthetic purposes.
3. Take away the packing nut with pliers. Remove the valve stem and washer. See if the latter is worn. Replacing the washer may fix the problem.

Learning to do simple repairs not only saves money but also puts you in control of how to get things done.