9 Frugal Living Tips Survival Guide

frugal living


Saving money is actually easier than you think. All you need to do is make a conscious decision to change your choices today. You’re not shortchanging yourself. Instead, you’re making better choices that earn you savings you can use for great things in the future.

Invest in a deep freezer.

You can reduce the number of times you do grocery shopping and save overall cost by buying in bulk. Store canned goods, instant noodles, and non-perishable items in cupboards and cabinets. Keep meat and fish in the deep freezer. Vegetables and fruits last longer when they’re kept in low-temperature storage. You may also opt for frozen veggies. Refrigerators and freezers lengthen the shelf lives of food, allowing you to store them and keep them longer.

Buy generic meds.

Every household has a stock of over-the-counter medicines. These medicines come in different brands, some expensive, others cheap. People have this misconception that expensive brands are more effective. But expensive brands have the same active ingredients as the generic brands, which you can buy at prices several times lower. Even prescription drugs have generic brands you should check out.

Fight the gear lust.

Buying new smartphones, laptops, or tablets seems to be the trend. A lot of people look at new models even if they’re current gear is still working just fine. Think about it this way. Companies make new devices each year that are an upgraded version of their previous models. So if you buy a new phone, you’ll find it being replaced a newer one next year and another one in the following year, and so on. Gear lust is a waste of money. You’re paying twice the amount of something that just has a few added, sometimes insignificant, features. Save your money! Just buy a new phone or tablet when the one you’re using is already broken.

Pay mortgage and monthly bills first.

Once you get the paycheck, set aside money for your mortgage and debt repayment and monthly bills (phone, Internet, water, and electricity). Do not go shopping first! The money remaining after you have paid all your monthly dues is the money you can budget for things like food, recreation, shopping, and savings.

Seal your home.

Slits on your door and window frames let air out. Leaking indoor air cause your heating or air conditioning systems to work harder than they’re supposed to. If your HVAC system is working harder, it is also using more electricity. That means you’re paying bigger electric bills than you’re supposed to be.

Clean your house regularly.

Doing regular cleaning is a good way to maintain your house. Keep surfaces dust free. Vacuum rugs and carpets one or twice a week. Treat stains on carpets, upholstery, and drapery right away. The longer you wait, the harder it is for you to get rid of all the dirt and mess. Keep kitchen countertops, sinks, and backsplashes clean and grime-free. Routine cleaning sounds too much. The alternative is waiting for your house to accumulate so much dirt that you will have to call professional cleaning services or endure a musty environment.

Wash your clothes.

Seriously! It’s not as hard as you think. Unless you’re washing the entire household’s clothes, laundering won’t take more than an hour. It’s cheaper. You’ll only have to spend on detergent and some electricity (if you’re using a laundry machine).

Nix your cable TV.

Who needs it now when there’s Netflix or Hulu? Besides, what are you going to watch on cable TV that’s so important in your life that you can’t do without? For many families, it’s just a source of annoyance and spousal or sibling conflict due to endless arguments about which channel to switch to.

Cut the gym membership.

You don’t need to go to the gym to be fit. You don’t need to be on that treadmill. Brisk walking and hiking are just as effective, if not more effective, and is more fun and fulfilling. If you want to build muscle, you can invest in your own equipment. You don’t need fancy machines. A set of kettlebells is all you need. Of course, there is a cheaper option, calisthenics.

There’s lots of free entertainment in the great outdoors.