Handmade Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Handmade Gifts

Buying gifts is too convenient. Sure, it’s the thought that counts. But think about it this way. Supposing someone bought you a gift card and then someone made you a gift card. The former just spend their money, while the latter freed their time to make something for you. Which between the two gifts would you appreciate more? Obviously, the latter has a greater personal meaning. We do something for someone only when they’re dear enough to us. So don’t ever dismiss using your creativity to make gifts for friends, family, and loved ones.

Knit Bracelets

Jersey knit bracelets go well with dresses or bathing suits. Your girlfriends would love them, especially knowing you spent the weekend doing them. With a few strips of knit fabric, you can create several bracelets. You don’t need machines. All you need are strips of jersey knit fabric and your fingers. Wrap each strip around each finger. You can use two or three fingers. Make loops and then chains. Tie the ends. Voila!

Printed Candles

Buy candles for the holidays or any special occasion, and create personalized printed candles. No fancy equipment necessary.

You can do this on candles of any size and shape. You need tracing paper and wax paper. Design prints on a computer.

Print the designs on a tracing paper taped on a printing paper, because tracing paper is too thin. Use a laser printer!

But you can also draw your designs, instead. Make sure the design appears clearly on the paper. Remove the tracing paper from the printing paper, and cut around the image. While pressing the image on the candle, wrap a piece of wax paper around it.

Blow a hairdryer about an inch or two away from the image. Move the blower over the image. The heat melts the candle, and the image sticks to the surface as it melts.

Tea Bath Soak

You want help your girlfriends pamper themselves. Bath soaks are great for detoxifying your body, rejuvenating your skin, and soothing sore muscles.

Make one using green tea and peppermint. Prepare this using 1 and 1/2 cups of Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of fine sea salt, 5 green tea bags (cut open), 3 drops of peppermint oil, 4 drops almond oil, and a clean jar.

Mix the salts together in a bowl. Add the tea leaves. Mix it all well. Add the drops of almond oil and peppermint oil. Mix thoroughly. Put it all into a jar. Wrap a ribbon or cord around it.

Customized Phone Cases

Make customized phone cases for your girls using plain phone cases, half pearl stickers, rhinestone stickers, and a super glue. There are no strict rules here. Think about cool designs.

Once you come up with something, try your creativity using the pearl and rhinestone stickers. Apply glue to the backs of the rhinestones and set them on the back of the phone case according to your preferred design. For instance, line borders with pearl and rhinestone. This is very easy and fun to do.

Homemade Lip Gloss

You didn’t know it was so easy to make lip gloss. You need Vaseline or petroleum jelly, small containers, and shimmer dust (any color you like). Spoon petroleum jelly into a small container.

Add a pinch of shimmer dust. Mix both evenly using a toothpick. Use the spoon to even the top. Quick and easy! You can make several of these babies to give to your friends. They make great souvenirs too.

DIY Necklaces

Making necklaces is easy. It’s not only fun but also is a worthwhile activity that allows you to explore your creative side. There are a lot of things you can do with an awesome number of materials.

For instance, you can try creating a washer necklace with washers, jump rings, a chain, and some nail polish. Apply nail polish to the washers.

When the nail polish dries, connect the washers together using jump rings. Create your own pattern using as many washers as you like. Attach the design to the chain’s both ends.

Another DIY necklace project makes use of beads. You can use as many beads as you like depending on your design. First, you want to make bead strands. Set bead tips on each end of the strands. Clamp the bead tips on a jump ring.

Then attach the chain on the two jump rings. That’s it!

Once you start making homemade gifts you should get a lot more ideas for creating your own unique gifts.